An excellent source of nutrition for your infant

During infancy, your child’s organism runs at full tilt. During this period, a balanced and healthy diet is essential for your child’s physical and cognitive development

But infants who are 12 months or older need vital nutrients, even more so than adults do

That’s where Sanamil comes in – because it contains all the vitamins and nutrients your child needs to develop a robust immune system, for healthy growth, for bone development, and for his or her organism as a whole

All Sanamil products are precisely tailored to the age of your child and his or her nutritional needs – during the first 12 months of life and afterwards as well.

Infant Formula
Sanamil Pre
Sanamil Pre
for infants
Sanamil Pre is formula that’s ideal for your baby, from birth onward, as an additive to breast milk. And of course if you’re not breastfeeding, you can give your baby Sanamil by itself. Sanamil Pre can be used until your child is weaned, or stops using a bottle.
Sanamil 1
Sanamil 1
Sanamil 1 is precisely tailored to your child’s nutritional needs, from the day of his or her birth. You can also give Sanamil 1 to your child right after breastfeeding, or after giving him or her Sanamil Pre.
Follow-on milk
Sanamil 2
Sanamil 2
Sanamil 2 is an ideal nutritional supplement for your baby from the age of 6 to 12 months. You can use it right after breastfeeding, or after giving your child Sanamil 1.

After your baby reaches the age of six months, he or she also needs to be given food other than milk, that’s appropriate for his or her age.
Sanamil 3
Sanamil 3
Children need a special diet after the age of 12 months as well. Sanamil 3 is just right for this too.

*Sanamil comes in handy recloseable 800 gram boxes.

Made in Germany
Top quality nutrition for your baby – made in Germany

Sanamil BIO **
from Germany’s top organic farms
Sanamil Bio
  • These growers use no chemical fertilizers
  • Sanamil Bio contains no added flavorings, coloring or preservatives.
  • Sanamil Bio contains no genetically engineered ingredients
  • Our growers use natural compost instead of chemical fertilizers

* Sanamil comes in handy recloseable 800 gram boxes.

** “Bio” is German for “organic”

Sanamil goat’s milk
For infants who are allergic to cow’s milk
Sanamil goat’s milk

Formula made from cow’s milk contains cow’s milk protein and lactose. Some babies are allergic to these substances and get rashes from them or have digestion problems.

So for these babies, we offer goat’s milk formula.

  • Greatly reduced risk of allergic reactions
    Scientific studies have shown that goat’s milk formula is less likely to provoke allergies in infants than is the case with cow’s milk formula.
  • More digestible
    Goat’s milk formula is in many cases easier for infants to digest, because the proteins in goat’s milk are more digestible.

* Sanamil comes in handy recloseable 800 gram boxes.

When and how much?

Nutritionists recommend that infants be given milk or other dairy products three times a day (around 300 to 330 milliliters).

The first glass of Sanamil that you give your baby each day should be part of a hearty breakfast.

You can also give your child a second daily glass as an afternoon snack.

Bear in mind that Sanamil is by no means a substitute for regular nutrition. Sanamil is a dairy drink that you can give your child at any time, in addition to his or her regular diet.

Nutritional information
  Sanamil Sanamil Sanamil
  Instant Formula Follow-on milk Follow-on milk
  1 2 3
  Per 100g Powder Per 100kJ Per 100g Powder Per 100kJ Per 100g Powder Per 100kJ
Calories kJ 2091 100 2024 100 2039 100
Protein g 12 0,057 15,54 0,77 17,8 0,87
Whey protein g 7,9 0,38
Carbohydrates g 53,9 2,58 54,5 2,69 52,8 2,59
Lactose g 53,9 2,58 54,5 2,69 52,8 2,59
Fat g 26,19 1,25 22,5 1,11 22,7 1,11
Linolenic acid (omega 6) g 3,36 0,16 2,83 0,14 2,83 0,14
Alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) mg 465 22,24 392 19,37 392 19,23
Fiber g 1,4 0,07 1,4 0,07 0,7 0,03
Sodium mg 117 5,60 128 6,32 194 9,51
Potassium mg 425 20,33 485 23,96 560 27,46
Calcium mg 315 15,06 350 17,29 450 22,07
Magnesium mg 33 1,58 32 1,58 69 3,38
Phosphorus mg 220 10,52 275 13,59 330 16,18
Chloride mg 300 14,35 290 14,33 330 16,18
Trace elements
Iron mg 6 0,29 8 0,40 7,8 0,38
Zinc mg 6,4 0,31 5,6 0,28 5 0,25
Copper mg 0,38 0,018 0,39 0,019 0,56 0,027
Jod µg 80 3,83 80 3,95 55 2,70
Manganese µg 74 3,54 88 4,35 49 2,4
Selenium µg 20 0,69 21 1,04 18 0,88
Fluorine µg
Vitamin A µg 570 27,26 540 26,68 495 24,28
Vitamin D µg 9,5 0,45 8,5 0,42 9 0,44
Vitamin E mg 11 0,53 11 0,54 11 0,54
Vitamin K µg 50 2,39 45 2,22 24 1,18
Vitamin B1 mg 660 31,56 620 30,63 540 26,48
Vitamin B2 mg 1080 51,65 1200 59,29 760 37,27
Vitamin B6 mg 440 21,04 420 20,75 350 17,17
Vitamin B12 µg 3 0,14 3 0,15 1,5 0,07
Vitamin C mg 78 3,73 70 3,46 56 2,75
Niacin mg 4000 191,3 3800 187,75 5500 269,74
Pantothenic acid mg 4300 205,64 4200 207,51 1700 83,37
Folic acid µg 105 5,02 98 4,84 138 6,77
Biotin µg 22 1,05 23 1,1 12 0,59
Cholin mg 90 4,3 90 4,45 139 6,82
Inositol mg 30 1,43 30 1,18 24 1,18
Taurine mg 45 2,15 45 2,22 38 1,86
L-Carnitin mg 8 0,38 7,5 0,37 7 0,34
DHA mg 40 1,91 30 1,48 20 0,98
ARA mg 80 3,83 60 2,96 40 1,96
GOS g 1,46 0,07 1,46 0,07 1,46 0,07
Nucleotides mg 25 1,20 25 1,24 25 1,23
Whey products
Skimmed milk
Vegetable oil
Vitamin A (Retinolacetat)
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferal)
Vitamin E (Dl-Alpha-Tokopherolacetat)
Vitamin K (Phyllochinon)
Vitamin B1 (Thiaminmononitrat)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxinhydrochlorid)
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
Vitamin C (L-Ascorbinsäure)
Folic acid
Potassium nitrate
Potassium chloride
Magnesium chloride
Dipotassium phosphate
Sodium chloride
Cytidine-5 monophosphate
Guonosine-5 monophosphate
Uridine-5 monophosphate
Denosine-5 monophosphate
Iron sulfate
Zinc sulfate
Copper sulfate
Manganese sulfate
Potassium iodide
Sodium selenate
Sodium citrate
Calcium carbonate
Dl alpha-tocopherol
Choline bitartrate
Calcium hydrogencarbonate
Calcium chloride

All Sanamil products will soon be available in our online shop.

You can place your order now, using the convenient order form below:

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Breastfeeding is best for your baby, because mother’s milk contains all the vital nutrients that your baby needs. What’s more, breastfeeding is the most economical way to feed your baby, and provides excellent protection against infections and allergies.

The advantages of breastfeeding are undeniable – plus the WHO recommends it wholeheartedly. Breastfeeding early and often promotes a good flow of milk. Eating a balanced diet during pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding is also good for nursing. But on the other hand, feeding your baby formula can have a negative impact on breastfeeding. What’s more, the decision not to breastfeed is to all intents and purposes an irreversible decision. So if you decide to use formula, it’s best to discuss the matter with your pediatrician or midwife.